What is a bedding?

Also known as bed linen, bedding refers to the materials laid over a bed or mattress for various of purposes like protection of the mattress from extreme conditions, aesthetic value to the bed, providing hygiene and in overall a good protection to the users. This is in general removable and washed on a regular basis. The beddings are available in wide range of options that suit different types of weather conditions. Some of these are also designed to suit different types of occasions and are completely customisable according to the requirements and orders of the customers. This article basically discusses about tropical bedding and the varieties in which it is available in the commercial market.

About tropical bedding

Tropical bedding refers to the set of pillows, comforters, quilts, window screens and sheets that impart a tropical theme to the interior of the home. This is available in large number of customisations and hence can meet the expectations of a large number of customers easily. This can even go together with homes in nearly all of the geographical locations, be it in the centre of the city, tops of hills and mountains or even in the countryside. Some of the greatest collections of tropical bedding includes the following: –

  • West bay bedding collection that includes whimsical and attractive shades of coral blue, tropical fish and plant life in colours of blue, pink, yellow, orange and green. These are made generally of pure cotton and are washed by dry clean only.
  • Isla Tropics Quilts that include the sassy and panache factor of the typical beach theme. Available in colours of lime, aqua blue and pink, this set is fabricated from pure cotton and can be washed easily by washing machines also.
  • Polly Island Bedding Collection that contains themes of a typical island coast including the birds, palms, corals and florals in shades of the corals and hence act as the perfect decoration for an island theme.
  • Ocean View Bedding Collection that has shades of blue, yellow and grey that imparts a theme of ocean and adds a vintage effect. This is not recommended for machine wash due to its delicate linen work.
  • Paradise bedding collection that includes the works of the greenery of a forest along with the vibrant colours of the birds printed over the same.
  • Frisby Bedding Collection having geometric features of shapes in shades of red, green, lilac and solid cream that can camouflage easily with any of the beach houses.

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