Coastal And Other Different Types Of Beddings

Sleep is something that all human beings need to survive. The longest recorded time that anyone has gone without sleeping is just over 11 consecutive days. The effects of not sleeping can be observed within 3 or 4 days with the onset of hallucinations. Since sleep is so important, it is no wonder that most people like to make their bed as comfortable as possible.

Bedding is a vital part of the whole sleep process. Some prefer comforters whilst others prefer quilts. Some people go for feather mattresses whereas some like medicated mattresses and so on and so forth.
Some people like to buy comforters in designs that remind them of their childhood. Others like to purchase deep and warm colours. Then there are those that like to go for pastel shades of green, pink, blue and everything in between. Everyone has got their own preferences; a colour scheme that soothes them and helps them fall asleep quicker.

It’s always a good idea to buy bedding in colour schemes and designs that complement your bedroom. For ex: if you’re living in a house close to the ocean/beach, coastal bedding would be your best choice. Not only would it complement your surroundings and the house, it would enhance the feeling of the ocean being close to you and most people find the waves and the sea soothing, making it easier to fall asleep. Of course it also depends on what type of theme you prefer for your bedroom as well. The most important thing being that the type of bedding you choose makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

It is important to invest in good quality mattress and pillow covers to protect your bed from wear and tear, general soiling etc. It also keeps your bed fresher and cleaner for longer periods of time.

Moving on to duvets; there are two types of duvet fillings:

  1. Natural fillings: These duvets are filled with duck or goose feathers and down or maybe even a combination of the two. These kinds of duvets are light, soft and very comfortable. These duvets also tend to last longer than the synthetic type.
  2. Synthetic fillings: Made from polyester or polyester microfiber, these duvets are modelled after natural ones and are made as comfortable as possible. Synthetic fillings are a good alternative for those suffering from allergies and those who need their duvets to be washed regularly.

At the end of the day, your bedroom is your safe space and it should be modelled according to your likes and comfort.

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