Accommodations In The W Atlanta Downtown Hotel!

Accommodations In The W Atlanta Downtown Hotel!

W Atlanta Downtown is in downtown Atlanta and I visited the place and stayed there for a night as I wanted to have great fun with my kids on Thanksgiving. There is something unique about this hotel. This is probably the only hotel where the staffs greet you and say hello to you by name each time they see you.

The parking space was a little expensive, so I had to park across the street, so it was not a very great problem. The room was neat and beautifully decorated. The bed was really comfortable and cozy to lie down. You just have to lie down and close our eyes and you will sleep like magic!

The hotel is so close to places like the Coca-Cola Factory, Olympic Park and Aquarium. In fact you could just walk to these places from the hotel if not for the cold.  So, for a fun trip with the family, this is the right accommodation to take because you will be able to visit all these places with ease.

There is a small downside to staying in this hotel too, especially if you are trying to be economical in your spending. I had to make sure that my kids did not eat anything from the hotel as the food was quite expensive. In fact a bottle of Figi water is $8 in this place and you could get it for less than $2 in Wal-Mart.

Room service is expensive too and so I avoided that too. Other than the pricing, everything else about this Hotel is great. The bathroom and the fittings in them were simply so great that you feel like spending a lot of time in the bathroom itself. I am sure anyone visiting the Hotel once would like to stay there again and again just like I want to visit the place again!

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