Best Aspects Of Accommodation At Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

Best Aspects Of Accommodation At Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta!

The Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta is a great place to stay in if you are ever in Atlanta and you do not get a reservation in the place where you wanted to stay. These people had reservations available and accommodated me and my family.

The rooms are big and comfortable and we loved the rooms, though we were not very pleased with the first two rooms that were shown to us. This was because of the fact that one of the rooms had a bed that made a squeaky sound and the other had a leaking bathroom fitting.

The hotel did not mind this even though we did not have a prior reservation and booked us into the corner room where we had an excellent view of the surroundings. The bathrooms are the first place we all look at in any hotel and this place was nothing to complain about, though there is nothing to boast about too. The bathrooms were clean and just right.

One thing that is commendable about this hotel is the service which is provided by the staff. It’s as if we were at home relaxing and watching my fave direc tv all day. It is excellent and this itself will make me stay again at this place if I ever visit Atlanta again. The car service which the hotel provides is excellent too.

It is affordable and not very expensive and they take you to any place in the city where you would like to go. So, if you are free to relax and would like to go out on a trip into the city for sightseeing, then this is the best thing to do. The food is great, though we did not have many meals there. The breakfast we had there was filling and tasty.

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