Enjoying Accommodation At The Marriott Atlanta Downtown

Enjoying Accommodation At The Marriott Atlanta Downtown!

The biggest plus of staying in the Marriott Atlanta Downtown is the excellent view that you get when you look out of the window. The rooms are clean and look good, but the bathroom was not really very well maintained.

I am a very fussy person about the bathroom and I think most of us are. Though it was not clean, it was cleaned immediately after I told the front desk about it. Other than this I had very few problems about the other comforts offered in this place.

The Internet too was quite slow and was not entirely great to work on. The best thing about the Marriott Atlanta Downtown was the fact that the evening appetizers and breakfast were included as part of your stay in the hotel.

This will help you to save some money, of you are conscious about how much you are spending on your stay in hotels. In fact I wanted this place because I had heard that this hotel was very quiet and true to its reputation, the rooms were quiet and I was able to enjoy the peace and tranquility after all the bustle!

The food too is healthy and sumptuous. Some people who do not think that healthy food is important may not find the food to be excellent, but I enjoyed it to the maximum. After the hectic trip, I did not like to have to go out to have food and I had the food in the restaurant of the hotel. It was just perfect for my taste. Though the use of the internet was charged, the connection was fast and it was worth the money that was paid for the internet use.

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