Holiday Inn Tucker Accommodations!

Holiday Inn Tucker Accommodations!

We have stayed many times in the Holiday Inn Tucker as part of our tours and each time we stay at this place, it only gets better and better. In fact this is one of the places where there seems to be nothing to complain about. The rooms are great and the food is excellent.

The staffs are friendly and courteous. What else can a guest in a hotel ask for? In fact this is one of the few hotels where the staff knows your name and calls you by your name! They are very helpful too and you just need to ask them for help and they are more than willing to help you.

Each and every room is clean and spacious. Right from the time you step into the hotel and are at the reception, everything about this hotel makes you feel good that you have come to the right place to stay.

I would not only stay in this hotel again and again, but even recommend it to all the friends who visit Atlanta on business or pleasure trips. I know that many of those who have stayed here will have the same enthusiasm about staying in this hotel with such comfort.

The food is excellent with a buffet breakfast where you get free wine, beer and appetizers. The rooms have everything that you can think of! They have a flat screen television, a small refrigerator and a couch to go with it. If you are on a holiday, you can just laze in the couch all day to take in the comforts of this place and you will never feel like leaving the comfort of this place.

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