Alex Jones takes stand in second defamation trial over Sandy Hook hoax claims

The jury will decide what Jones must pay to Sandy Hook households.


Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is attesting in a Connecticut court docket Thursday in a 2d defamation trial to decide what the InfoWars host must pay to Sandy Hook households.

The tempestuous testimony changed into so often interrupted via way of means of objections and sidebar meetings on the bench, Judge Barbara Bellis at one factor advised the jury, “You’re going to get your exercising in today, the ones of you who put on Fitbits.”


Jones, who has recommended the households who correctly sued him for defamation have a political time table due to the fact they have got finished paintings on gun control, stated the dangers concerned in his career as a conspiracy theorist and provocateur.

“The international isn’t always an clean place. When human beings turn out to be political figures they get withinside the arena,” Jones stated.

The plaintiffs’ attorney, Chris Mattei, pounced.

“Were you simply attempting to indicate that my clients, those households, deserve what they were given due to the fact they stepped into the arena?” Mattei asked.

Jones answered “no” as his attorney objected to the query.

Jones’ testimony will resume this afternoon following a lunch break.


Bellis closing yr discovered Jones and Infowars’ determine company, Free Speech Systems, accountable in a defamation lawsuit for calling the 2012 bloodbath at Sandy Hook Elementary School a hoax.

The jury will determine how a good deal in damages Jones must pay to an FBI agent who answered to the scene and 8 households of sufferers that Jones known as actors.

Prior to attesting, Jones has spoken out amid the trial outdoor the Waterbury courthouse this week, calling the decide a “tyrant” and the trial a “political hit job.” In a press briefing Wednesday, he advised journalists did now no longer “premediatively query Sandy Hook,” and that he apologizes if he has precipitated each person ache but “failed to create the story” of Sandy Hook being a hoax.

He time and again stated he could now no longer perjure himself via way of means of announcing he is responsible.

“You can not have a decide telling you to mention that you are responsible whilst you are now no longer. That is insane,” he stated.

There isn’t anyt any guilt in civil trials like this one. The plaintiffs correctly sued Jones for defamation in November 2021 over his comments, which protected calling them “disaster actors,” announcing the bloodbath changed into “staged” and “the fakest issue because the three-greenback bill.”

Bellis discovered Jones accountable for damages via way of means of default due to the fact he and his companies, like Infowars, showed “callous disregard” for the policies of discovery. The jury will now decide a good deal Jones and Free Speech Systems will need to pay the households of kids killed withinside the bloodbath.

The jury thus far has heard from numerous mother and father, which include Jennifer Hensel, whose 6-yr-antique daughter, Avielle Richman, changed into many of the 20 kids killed withinside the bloodbath. She advised the jury Wednesday that she nonetheless fears for her family’s protection after years of receiving hate mail from human beings thinking that her daughter had died and exams the backseat of her vehicle earlier than getting in.

After her husband, Jeremy Richman, died via way of means of suicide in 2019, she commenced receiving emails from human beings calling his dying faux as well, she stated.

“People have been withinside the cemetery round Avielle’s grave marker seeking out proof that Jeremy had died,” Hensel stated.

Other mother and father have additionally testified approximately dying threats, rape threats and confrontations outdoor their homes.

The Connecticut trial comes a month after a Texas jury ordered Jones to pay nearly $50 million in damages to the mother and father of one of the sufferers.

In that defamation trial, Jones changed into correctly sued via way of means of the mother and father of a 6-yr-antique boy who changed into killed withinside the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School bloodbath after he claimed that the shooting — wherein 20 kids and 6 adults have been killed — changed into a hoax, a declare he stated he now thinks is “100% real.”