Anti-conflict protester who crashed Russian TV broadcast seems in Moscow courtroom docket

Marina Ovsyannikova, the female who crashed Russia’s nation information broadcast Monday night time to protest the conflict, become fined 30 thousand roubles, or around $280, and launched on Tuesday.
Ovsyannikova ran onto the set of Russia’s major nation information broadcast with an anti-conflict signal. She stood in the back of the anchor at the Channel One display with a signal that stated “Stop the conflict” and “Don’t agree with the propaganda. They’re mendacity to you here,” in English and Russian.
Ovsyannikova labored as an editor for Channel One, in keeping with Russian human rights attorney Pavel Chikov, who stated he’s now representing her.
Ovsyannikova seemed in a courtroom docket in Moscow after her attorneys stated they were not able to find her for the reason that she disappeared on the TV station.
“These have been without a doubt hard days in my life. I spent days with out sleep. The interrogation lasted greater than 14 hours. I become now no longer allowed to touch my buddies and relatives. I become now no longer supplied with any prison assistance,” Ovsyannikova informed newshounds outdoor the courthouse. “I will supply greater feedback tomorrow. Today I need to rest.”
Ovsyannikova is charged with an “administrative offense,” basically a misdemeanor, that incorporates a pleasant however now no longer a prison sentence, in keeping with a reporter from the unbiased Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta.
In English, Ovsyannikova replied a query outdoor the court docket and stated it wasn’t a wonder she become launched for the reason that she has kids. Russian regulation manner that, in general, moms with based kids need to now no longer be positioned in detention for minor offenses.
Chikov wrote on Twitter that Ovsyannikova become detained after the protest and brought to a police station in Moscow. He stated she has been charged with “discrediting the Russian Armed Forces.”
Novaya Gazeta stated the courtroom docket has informed it Ovsyannikova is charged below Part 2 Article 20.2 — “organizing unauthorized public events” — this means that she could face at maximum 15 days in prison and a pleasant.
She isn’t charged below Russia’s new “faux information” regulation that incorporates up to fifteen years jail for spreading “false” records approximately Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.
Ovsyannikova additionally posted a video on-line earlier than her protest wherein she defined her motivations for protesting. She stated she has labored for the previous few years for Channel One and that she is now “very ashamed” of running for “Kremlin propaganda.”
“I am ashamed that I allowed lies to be spoken from the TV screen. I am ashamed that I allowed the zombification of Russian people. Now ten generations of our descendants may not wash off the shame of this fratricidal conflict. We’re Russian people, thinking, intelligent. It’s best in our energy to forestall this insanity,” she stated.