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Dash Cellular Repair – For All Cell Phones, iPhones or Laptop Repairing Services

Why to waste or sell your cell phone or laptop when they need repairs when you can get them repaired with ease and with utter satisfaction? Dash Cellular Repair is out there to help you out in all repairing issues of cell phones, laptops and computer (desktop) repairs. It is your one shop for all your repairing needs. They are the experts in cell phone and iPhone repair and has been in the market with utter clients’ satisfaction since 2010.

Which Types of Repairing is Done?

Dash Cellular Repair offers you a complete range of cellular phones, tablets, and computer repair services. Contact them if your cell phone, iPhone, or laptop needs repairing such as cracked screens, hardware problems, or software issues for Android, Apple, and any other brand. The experts are well-trained in this trade of repairing, thus no need to get worried about if your phone or laptop is of any type of brand. They are skilled and have expertise.

The Slogan

The company raises a slogan ‘Broke your phone in a bash, call Dash’. Well, it is aptly correct and true because they have the knack for repairing and prove it to their customers.

A Look at the Back

Started in November 2010, the company started working as OM Parts Inc. and then converted into Dash CellularRepair and since then it has been providing a professional cell phone and electronic repairs to local communities.

Locations Near You

Dash Cellular has a presence nationwide in the U.S and almost 18 locations in the country Dash Cellular Repair has been functioning in the entire United States, and they are in the process of opening up new locations in more states and cities.

Your Problematic Phone Turns into Brand New Condition

The team at Dash Cellular Repair has the art and skills to restore the cell phone or iPhones back into brand-new condition. This is what is liked by clients.  This is done with aplomb irrespective of the severity of the problem. No matter what type of repairing your phone, tablet, laptop, iPhone, or iPad needs, everything is done with care. There is no issue for cracked screens, software issues, and hardware problems for Apple, Android, and any brand. Similarly, there is no problem if your iPad has a cracked screen, a faulty motherboard, or a damaged phone bezel. Dash Cellular Repair has the expertise to restore everything to a new condition.

Number of Repairs So Far

More than 100,000 iPhones, 30,000 tablets, 310,000 smartphones have been repaid so far by the company and the number keeps adding day by day.

Contact Dash Cellular Repair for your repairing needs –

Media Contact
Company Name: Dash Cellular Repair
Contact Person: Media Relations
Phone: 1-855-545-3278
Address:2112 W I-240 Service RD
City: Oklahoma City
State: OK 73159
Country: United States


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