How Michael Aboujaoude Made 7 Figures With 0 Employees

Michael Angelo Aboujaoude Is the CEO of Ultimate E-Commerce and Link Targeter, these Businesses were founded in Mid-2019 and turned out to be a success for Aboujaoude In 2020. He started by learning how to run ads on Facebook, Google, and YouTube! So what exactly does Michael Aboujaoude do? Online businesses Pay Aboujaoudea monthly rate to get them targeted customers to their sites! Aboujaoude only spends about one hour per day working, the rest is on autopilot while he sits back and enjoys his luxury lifestyle. Aboujaoude dropped out of high school his senior year with only a couple of months left and he said in the quote, “I am glad I did so because now I can show people that the education system is there to teach you that you won’t be successful without going to college, even after your done with the college who wants to be stuck in debt and working that 9-5 job just like everyone else.” Aboujaoude wants to change the way of life by giving people the opportunity to be self-employed! Aboujaoudehad all the answers and was ready to share his knowledge with the world so people didn’t have to face the problems and mistakes he had to deal with along the way.

Therefore Aboujaoude created his E-Commerce course teaching others to copy his business model which can be found by joining Michael on his site!Aboujaoude has helped over five thousand people start making their first commissions online that are currently in his course and many more to come. He said “Right now is the best time to get started in the E-Commerce industry due to the lack of jobs out there during this pandemic!”

Aboujaoude also has started his YouTube channel where he teaches people how to make money online with no experience. As he continues to grow his channel he plans on making it interesting from time to time by surprising his viewers. Michael Aboujaoude’s net worth is estimated to be $3 Million! That is mind-blowing knowing that he is still a teenager! Now the self-made millionaire is planning his next online business to greater heights.

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Media Contact

Company Name: Ultimate E-Commerce
Contact Person: Michael Aboujaoude
Phone: 5409159356
Address: P.O. Box 582
City: Chino
State: California 91708
Country: United States

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