Jantoin Thompson Explains How To Get Rid Of The Usual 9 To 5 Drill

Working from 9 to 5 every day is no longer everyone’s dream job as it exhausts and frustrates people to another level. Well, elders might oppose the idea of starting fresh, but it’s never late.

There was a time when working 9 to 5 at a multinational corporation was an ideal job for every individual. However, today in the rapidly evolving world with technology changing, everyday job culture is slowly becoming obsolete as no one wants to retire and run out of money. The fear of retirement and being kicked out is the main reason for the drastic shift from jobs to startups and entrepreneurship.  There are also a couple of other reasons for this shift towards freelancing, entrepreneurship, and startups.

Firstly, a lot of people feel that 9 to 5 jobs take skills for granted and people are not paid as much as they are expected to work. Secondly, it exhausts and frustrates creative people as they get bored of following the same 9 to 5 ritual. Last but not least, depending entirely on one source of income is not enough these days, and 9 to 5 jobs drain out people’s energy leaving no room for any other activity. It also means that people doing 9 to 5 jobs are less likely to experience quality family time as, by the time they reach home, their body and soul are worn out and need rest to function again.

Despite having a lot of motivation to start fresh with entrepreneurship and startups, a lot of people are afraid of failures or what society would think. Moreover, they get to hear things like what if it doesn’t work from family and near ones, which can be highly demotivating at times. However, the question still remains the same how to start with entrepreneurship? Worry no more as here is a fantastic recommendation that will lead all the wandered souls in the correct direction.

Jantoin TheDon | Jantoin Thompson

Jantoin Thompson is a financial success coach, influencer, and Forex trader who has been touching hearts and changing lives with his words and valuable pieces of advice. He believes in financial independence teaches people something as fundamental as financial literacy, which eventually leads to financial independence. Jantoin has helped thousands of people get rid of their usual 9 to 5 drill, start their own brands and become aspiring entrepreneurs. He has also been successfully running his own brands, namely Retired Life and Luxury Elite Group. Furthermore, he believes in helping people and has been doing charity work by teaming up with Nora Jones Ministries to donate a U-Haul truck full of water to flint during the Flint Water Crisis. Learn more about him through his social media handles and website!

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