Kaitlin Armstrong’s legal professional asks courtroom docket to suppress proof in homicide case

Kaitlin Armstrong is accused of killing expert bike owner Anna Moriah Wilson

A attorney for Kaitlin Armstrong, an Austin female accused of killing 25-year-antique expert bike owner Anna Moriah Wilson, filed files seeking to suppress proof withinside the case.

In files filed Wednesday, attorneys are claiming proof received at some stage in a May 12 interrogation and proof accumulated because of her arrest warrant withinside the homicide ought to be thrown out.

Armstrong is dealing with one price of criminal first-diploma homicide, for allegedly killing Wilson with a firearm in advance this year, earlier than fleeing to Costa Rica. Wilson became discovered shot a couple of instances and bleeding on May 11.


The 34-year-antique became arrested on June 29 in a hostel on Santa Teresa Beach in Provincia de Puntarenas after a 43-day search, consistent with the U.S. Marshals Service. She became deported and again to the U.S. wherein she became booked at Travis County Jail through the Austin Police Department and charged withinside the homicide.

Armstrong’s legal professional is now asking the courtroom docket to suppress statements, observations and recordings, alleging an Austin Police detective illegally interrogated Armstrong on May 12, consistent with courtroom docket filings received through ABC News.

A attorney for Armstrong alleged she became now no longer study her Miranda rights, and that investigators did not prevent wondering her while she requested for an legal professional.

The attorney is calling the courtroom docket to throw out all oral statements made through Armstrong and the audio and video recordings of the May 12 interrogation and all regulation enforcement observations, interpretations and conclusions shaped because of the interrogation.

Armstrong, who became desired on a misdemeanor price unrelated to the killing, became arrested at her domestic at some point after the killing, and became taken into Austin PD workplaces for an interrogation, however the challenge of the interrogation became the loss of life of Wilson, consistent with courtroom docket filings.

A courtroom docket submitting alleged that Armstrong became in police custody while she became interrogated in element due to the fact her freedom became restricted in any respect instances, however she became now no longer study her Miranda rights.

During the interrogation, Armstrong allegedly requested for an legal professional 3 instances at some stage in the interrogation, however the detective endured wondering her. She additionally requested to depart as a minimum 5 instances, however the detective allegedly “blatently left out her request,” consistent with courtroom docket files.

The attorney is likewise asking the courtroom docket to suppress all proof, received because of what they alleged is an unlawful arrest warrant, consistent with courtroom docket files.

In some other submitting, attorneys for Armstrong allege that the affidavit submitted to gain a warrant for her arrest withinside the homicide of Wilson became “rife with fake statements, cloth omissions, reckless exaggerations and gross mischaracterizations made with a reckless dismiss for the truth,” consistent with courtroom docket files.

Without those alleged statements, the affidavit does now no longer display probably purpose for the arrest of Armstrong, the courtroom docket submitting alleges.

Armstrong’s legal professionals declare the affidavit’s proof included “wrong descriptions” of Armstrong’s movements and statements, a “indistinct and incomplete description” of the offense location, “wrong and unconfirmed timestamps” from surveillance footage, and statements from an nameless caller who became “now no longer credible.”