Learn Spanish With This Teacher’s Awesome Unique System

Teacher Lucía Ortega knew that she had to improve the learning system for her adult students when after a class in one of the academies she worked for a student came up crying and said, “My father just died, and I would appreciate it if you don’t ask me anymore questions about him for practice.” Teacher Ortega found that the system used in most language schools or universities can be stressful, and perhaps that is why many students take longer to learn the Spanish language. For this reason, she developed her own way of teaching the language which, according to what she tells us, makes the student wish for the moment of class to happen, since it becomes a safe and relaxing space, which takes the person away of the day-to-day complicated topics.

Customizing Spanish Classes

Lucía teaches adult students online, and cares about the age, gender identity, and purposes of the student to design their classes. According to Lucía, each class is different, and she doesn’t use formulas. If, for example, her student wishes to travel to a paradise island, she will design a course that facilitates her contact with the locals, will teach them expressions that help to act naturally in the local culture, and will begin by familiarizing her student with typical foods of the place instead of others that are not related to the student’s trip. She has also designed a specialized “Survival Spanish” Mini Course for travelers. Lucía is native of Costa Rica (the no army eco-friendly country in Central America) and is a passionate traveler who has traveled Latin America and Europe, because of that, half of her heart fell in love with Spain, where she spent many years at. She understands well the needs of a traveler, in an airport or in a restaurant, she knows how important it is to know how to communicate to have access to health, accommodation, security, and for having an authentic cultural experience.

Affordable Price and Schedule Flexibility

Lucia says that she considers that education must be accessible to all, so her prices will not be a hardship for her students, her classes cost $29 per hour, you can find at her website convenient monthly subscriptions as well. She offers online Spanish classes at times that her student finds convenient. She wants her classes not to interfere with their work or leisure time.

Business people

Many business people hire Teacher Lucia because she knows how to teach accordingly to the requirements of busy people focused on their careers and earnings. On her website Learnspanishwithlucia.info you can find favorable testimonials from lawyers, engineers, NGO workers (European Court of Human Rights ) and even an expert in educational technologies who has been her student. Lucía’s students consider her to be a skilled conversationalist, well-educated, and highly responsible.

Despite having many years of experience in online classes, Lucía has recently joined social networks and the web separately from academies and is working on growing her Instagram account @Learnspanish.lucia and her Facebook Fan Page.

Media Contact

Company Name: Learn Spanish with Lucía
Contact Person: Lucía Ortega
Address:Plaza del Sol 600 meterá south
State: San José
Country: Costa Rica
Website: https://learnspanishwithlucia.info/