Marjorie Taylor Greene testifies below oath approximately Jan. 6

Greene has denied any involvement withinside the assault.

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Friday have become the primary member of Congress to publicly testify below oath approximately the activities surrounding the Jan. 6 assault at the Capitol.

Monday night time, a federal choose allowed a felony mission with the aid of using a collection of Georgia electorate to transport ahead as they are seeking to disqualify Greene from jogging for reelection, mentioning her alleged function in helping or facilitating the assault.


The electorate argue a provision of the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment called the “disqualification clause” prevents Greene from protecting federal workplace.


Passed after the Civil War, the disqualification clause bars any man or woman from protecting federal workplace who has formerly taken an oath to defend the Constitution — such as a member of Congress — who has “engaged in revolt” in opposition to the US or “given resource or comfort” to its “enemies.”

An avid supporter of former President Donald Trump, Greene has denied any involvement withinside the assault and stated she is appealing.

Judge Charles Beaudrot presided over Friday’s listening to and professional witnesses have been known as to testify.

In his establishing declaration, Ron Fein, a legal professional representing 5 electorate who made the criticism in opposition to Greene and the felony director of Free Speech For People, argued why Jan. 6 need to be taken into consideration an revolt.

“This changed into now no longer the kind of revolt in which the leaders have been status in Richmond, Virginia, giving long-winded speeches,” Fein stated. “Rather, the leaders of this revolt, of whom there have been a number, have been amongst us — on Facebook, Twitter and corners of social media that could make your belly hurt. The proof will display that Marjorie Taylor Greene changed into one in every of them.”


“The maximum effective witness in opposition to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s candidacy, the maximum effective witness in setting up that she crossed the road into engagement of revolt is Marjorie Taylor Greene herself,” he stated.

Fein advised ABC News in an e-mail that the Georgia “electorate who filed this lawsuit have a proper to have their mission heard” and that he appeared ahead to wondering Greene below oath.


Inside the court docket, Andrew Celli, additionally representing the electorate’ group, pressed the congresswoman on her oath of workplace.

“If you have been conscious that anyone changed into going to unlawfully intervene with the constitutional system of counting electoral votes, you will be obliged to have them arrested or stopped, proper?” requested Andrew Celli, one of the legal professionals for Free Speech For People.

She responded, “I had no know-how of any examples, and so it’s the query I cannot answer.”

Greene again and again denied she or her workplace gave excursions to or met with Trump protesters in advance of the Jan. 6 rally or that she furnished maps of the Capitol building.

“I could have to speak to humans on my campaign, however I do not assume we did,” she stated. “How could we’ve carried out that? We did not do some thing like that,” She again and again replied that she did not keep in mind sending tweets or making different social media posts or the instances round the various statements proven on a video monitor.

When Greene’s attorney, James Bopp, took his flip wondering Greene, he requested her approximately her enjoy withinside the Capitol the day it changed into attacked and the video she made whilst the Capitol changed into in lockdown.

Greene stated that she had by no means been in some thing violent earlier than, and whilst in lockdown, she went withinside the cloakroom and made a video directed at the ones storming the Capitol.

“Obey the regulation,” Greene stated withinside the video performed withinside the court docket. “This isn’t always a time for violence. This is a time to guide president trump and guide election integrity. God bless.”

The time body for the choose to render his choice on whether or not Greene need to continue to be at the poll is tight. Early balloting for the Georgia number one starts May 2 and the number one itself is on May 17.


Bopp advised ABC News this week that the mission to Greene is “absurd” and that it should not be as much as judges to determine who represents Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

“Those electorate have a proper to vote for the candidate in their choosing. And they’ve a proper to have their vote counted,” he advised the courtroom docket in his establishing declaration Friday, including that Greene changed into now no longer a wrongdoer however a “victim” of the assault, which he argued changed into “despicable” however now no longer an revolt.

“Her lifestyles changed into in danger, she thought,” Bopp stated. “She changed into scared and confused.”

Attorneys for Free Speech For People, representing the electorate mounting the mission, attempted to negate that narrative, citing Greene’s Twitter account main as much as Jan. 6 wherein she recommended the rally however by no means used the word “peaceful.”

“Well, I by no means intended some thing for violence. I do not guide violence of any kind,” Greene stated.

Greene went on to mention that numerous humans have run her social media account, whilst pressed on “liking” a Facebook remark speakme approximately killing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Greene additionally denied, below oath, that she ever known as Pelosi a “traitor” till she changed into provided with proof that she had, in fact, stated that.

“She’s a traitor to our country, she’s responsible of treason,” Greene stated withinside the 2019 video published to Facebook, first suggested with the aid of using CNN. “It’s against the law punishable with the aid of using loss of life is what treason is. Nancy Pelosi is responsible of treason,” Greene stated on the time.


Green changed into requested at any other point, “Is it truthful to mention that from election night time in 2020, till January 6, 20, 2021, your want changed into that Congress now no longer to certify Joe Biden because the winner of the 2020 election?”

“That isn’t always accurate,” she replied.

The listening to have become excessive whilst Celli pressed Greene approximately whether or not she advocated Trump to impose martial regulation.

And you had conferences with him among the election in 2020 and January twentieth of 2021, proper?” he requested.

“Yes,” Greene responded.

“And in the ones conferences you mentioned with him your advocacy for the concept that there need to be martial regulation declared withinside the United States?” Celli pressed.

“No, I do not keep in mind ever discussing that,” she responded.

“Are you pronouncing it did not occur or you are pronouncing you do not keep in mind one manner or the different?” Celli continued.

“I do not keep in mind ever discussing that,” Greene repeated.

Bopp additionally represents GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who’s going through a comparable mission in opposition to his reelection from a collection of electorate in North Carolina.

Cawthorn’s lawsuit to push aside the mission to his reelection is about for oral arguments on May three earlier than the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia.

In an interview Tuesday with ABC News associate WTVC, Greene known as the felony mission a “scam.”

“All I did changed into what I’m legally and allowed to do with the aid of using the Constitution as a member of Congress, and that changed into I objected to Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes from some states,” Greene stated.

Greene additionally stated she changed into a “victim” on Jan. 6.

Mike Rasbury, one of the electorate difficult Greene’s eligibility to run for reelection, stated in a declaration that Greene “took an oath of workplace to defend democracy from all enemies overseas and domestic … However, she has calmly disregarded this oath and, primarily based totally on her function withinside the January 6 revolt, is disqualified below Section three of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution from protecting any destiny public workplace.”

Rasbury changed into withinside the court docket whilst Greene testified.

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida changed into additionally gift withinside the court docket Friday, in an obvious display of unity together along with his fellow firebrand Republican.


Speaking on Fox News Monday night time, Greene advised host Tucker Carlson that Democrats are seeking to hold her call off the poll, retaining she had not anything to do with the assault at the Capitol.

“I should visit courtroom docket on Friday and in reality be wondered approximately some thing I’ve by no means been charged with and some thing I changed into absolutely in opposition to,” Greene stated.

The demanding situations in opposition to Greene and Cawthorn are a part of a bigger felony attempt to save you every person allegedly worried withinside the activities surrounding Jan. 6 — or who supported it — from jogging for reelection.

Similar demanding situations may want to theoretically be introduced in opposition to Trump if he comes to a decision to run for workplace once more in 2024.