Near Dogg’s new career as a “Swedish rapper” after his successful Beat Making’s career

Rap is becoming an even more popular music form due to which many singers and musicians are opting towards rapping. It is also one of the most loved music forms worldwide.

As pop and hip-hop culture gained popularity in the world raps became a popular and loved form of music. Rap music originated in the early 1970s in New York City, US in block parties. It was initiated as the percussion breaks and extensions of funk, soul, and disco songs by DJs in various block parties. Rap is a junction of words or poetry that are recited rapidly and rhythmically over an instrumental backing. Today, rap culture has gained popularity worldwide. There some extremely talented musicians and rappers in the music industry who keep amazing the world with their extraordinary talents and skills almost every day. One of such people is Near Dogg.

Near Dogg – One of The Best Beat Makers In the Middle East

Near Dogg, Beats is the professional name of Mohammad Hammoud who was born on February 12, 1997 and originated from Syria. Near Dogg started his innings in the music industry in 2008 as a beatmaker. Through his energetic dark beats melodies and, heavy boom bap drums, he quickly escalated to becoming one of the most well-known beatmakers at community sought-after performers and proving himself in the Arabian rap scene. Throughout the journey of his music, he greeted and met various A-list artists including The Game, Lil Jon, and Mabel. One thing that stood him out was his love for the music skills and relatable lyrics which paved the way towards him ruling the hearts of his listeners.

In 2020, during an interview Near Dogg disclosed that he is all set to start a new musical chapter as a Swedish Rapper. His music is a clear representation of his association with his hometown and residence Kronoparken east Karlstad, Sweden. In his first year as a Swedish rapper dropped 4 singles plus three featured singles with 3 different artists. According to Near Dogg in his second year which is 2021 would be more collaborations especially with worldwide artists, mentioning that he’s already working on 4 tracks featured artists from Liverpool, New York and Chicago. Near Dogg is all amped up to set the rap industry with fire through his raps and songs. Learn more about Near Dogg through his official website.

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