No Need to Tie the Laces Now as LacesBay LLC’s Innovative Elastic No-Tie Lazy Laces are Out

7th January, 2021 – Tying shoelaces is a big headache, every one faces it almost daily. The shoes must be like a technological terminology says ‘plug and play’. If one is dragged towards the shoes, which have laces and they are reluctant to buy because of the massive headache of tying the laces. Sensing and understanding this giant problem that every other person today witnesses, LacesBay, LLC brings the shoelaces which make the people stay away from this nuisance.

LacesBay LLC works with a mission to endow the customers with a new lifestyle – no need to tie laces again in life, just buy the shoelaces from LacesBay LLC and say goodbye to the old and conventional method of tying shoelaces. Pave the way to a new future now with LacesBay LLC.

About LacesBay LLC

The creative minds behind the company realized the need of people who seem fed up with the traditional way of tying the shoelaces and then worked on the novel idea of introducing the shoelaces where there is no need of tying the laces in an old manner. The company emerged with innovative shoelaces which has utterly removed the need of tying the shoelaces. With its product ‘Elastic No-Tie Lazy Laces’, tying the shoelaces now becomes a thing of the past.

Best Features for Your Orders

The company has fast worldwide shipping. No matter where one lives, they just place the order and the rest will be done by LacesBay LLC. Customers are offered hassle-free returns. The live 24/7 support is always out there for customer service.

Comfort is What is Provided to the Customers

Presenting the one-handed buckle – the company feels proud to launch the innovative shoelaces for the sheer convenience of the customers. The slogan ’Comfort the Customer Can Feel in Every Step’ is aptly applied to the product launched. The shoelaces are strong, flexible, and comfy. LacesBay™ No Tie Laces have been designed to be fastened only once so that the wearer may get out and do whatever is to be done quickly and easily. The laces are manufactured with zero-memory elastic rubber and this way the wearer gets a consistent comfy fit throughout the day and even at workouts as well.

Try the novelty now, just skip the old-fashioned way to tie the laces. Future is out, grab it from LacesBay LLC. For orders and products, visit

Media Contact

Company Name: No-Tie Lazy Laces | LacesBay, LLC
Contact Person: Media Relations
Address:6595 Roswell Road, Suite G-6080
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Country: United States

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