Sophisticated Bot Mitigation Solution: Airsharp Enterprise Bot Defender

AIRSHARP LTD launched an advanced utility tool to protect websites from bot attacks to minimize the loss of traffic volumes to your sources.

Many websites with login pages have been subjected to large-scale, malicious bot attacks related to accounting hijacking in the past year. Today ~40% of web traffic is generated by bots. Numerous heinous bot apps are being invented every day around the world to get ahead of the competition and make money through digital scams. Bots create resource leakage and distort site data, but they can also be very harmful, stealing site, product and customer data, among other things. Dealing with bot traffic can be difficult because of the increasing sophistication in bootstrapping with malicious targets. Observing bot activity and being proactive is crucial.

To protect the traffic of big companies and enterprises to provide the stability and possibility in the continuous operation of their sites, a new solution Airsharp Enterprise Bot Defender was released, working in conjunction with the Antifraud System. Airsharp Enterprise Bot Defender to mitigate the effects of bots protects the website from malicious traffic and misuse carried out by bots. Malicious bots are the most common threat faced by sites with popular traffic. Thus, mitigation Bot represents various ways to disable useless or destructive bot traffic landing on web properties and getting bogged down in them.

Malicious bots are often used to gain an unfair advantage over competitors (for example, in e-commerce, to make a competitor’s products appear out of stock, etc.).

By various means, these bots can be identified and blocked, task by task or in bulk (for example, a blacklist of IP addresses). Bot managers provide this mitigation. The tools in this class of software may compete for business, or they may work purely in tandem. It depends on what they do.

The lowest latency, highest accuracy, fastest integration, and minimum false positives were the hallmarks of Airsharp Enterprise Bot Defender. Airsharp Enterprise Bot Defender a provider that has the capabilities to help organizations combat automated threats using techniques such as unique device fingerprints, behaviour analysis, bot collective intelligence, and machine learning algorithms.

Airsharp Enterprise Bot Defender provides a powerful way to digest and preserve security logs and event data from a wide variety of solutions and in diverse formats. This utility enables cybersecurity teams to turn data into insights, detect threats, generate real-time reports and track long-term trends across their entire infrastructure. It provides better reporting, logs analysis, and retention for compliance purposes. The pre-built integration allows you to view bot events and perform threat investigations. This makes it easier to contextualize bot-related incidents and see the bigger picture.

The Bot Defender solution is very easy to implement.

Please contact the Airsharp LTD team to learn more about how easy it is to try out, and see how you can halt the bad bot traffic on your site. It is a paid option which is available mostly for their customers, but they all also buy it extra. There are different packages of services which they offer and integration from their side too. Moreover, they also integrate with the Cloudflare platform or other CDN service if you are already using some. Bot Defender reads server logs, including all data from Cloudflare and any other CDN service, but be careful that not all Cloudflare tariffs provide access to the logs.

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