Sound Gang – People Are Awaiting The Release of S4L By Sound Gang

Music is a widely used medium of expression that is able to connect and bond a large number of audiences. Apart from just being played at parties and weddings, music is a soulful therapy medium for many people. This is the very reason that music created not with mere rhythms and beats but with soul is more likely to be loved by people. Many big labels and records are running the music industry and driving people crazy with fantastic music. During the last few decades music has changed a lot. It has become more of a source to relieve tired and wandering souls. Therapists remain squarely on the idea that music provides a massive escape from anxiety. It soothes tired bodies and anxious souls, making individuals feel more alive and refreshed instantly. To many, music may just seem a concoction of rhythms and beats. However, the music creators always have a different story to tell for each music album or song they create. One can infer that there is a lot of competition in the music industry. There are dozens of labels present that make astonishing music and one of them is Sound Gang. All About Sound Gang Sound Gang is a talent studded, fast-rising record label& entertainment company that started out in Nigeria in 2016. They have international standard recording studios in Lagos, Canada, & Dubai. It has been catching the eye of the news lately with its consistency and hard work in the industry. Their hard work has been able to bring them a lot of pride and fame. The 2 artists currently signed to this Label are Kirko Drilz & Multilord. Sound Gang is looking at impacting the music & entertainment industry positively with their genre-diversified music and other entertainment productions. They aim to capture the market with their songs like OSL (by Kirko Drilz) and Donuts Inna Rari (by Multilord). These songs collectively racked up over 200K streams across all platforms. One can tell that Sound Gang is coming into the game with a never-seen-before passion, talents, and consistency. With Sound Gang present in the industry, the future of the music industry seems extraordinarily bright and promising. They are currently working on a musical body of work titled S4L – SOLID 4 LIFE. The official release date is yet to be announced. Facebook – Instagram – Media Contact Company Name: SOUND GANG Contact Person: Ernest Mensah City: Dubai Country: United Arab Emirates Website: