The JoyScore Mobile App Helps Individuals Attain a Positive & Comprehensive Life Transformation

Professor & Renowned International Architect Bhupendra (Bob) Singhal (aka Dr. J for Joy), Announces the Launch of the JoyScore Mobile App Helping Individuals & Employees to Achieve Success Through Joy & to Consistently Remain Happy, Healthy & Wise

TheJoyScore Mobile App Helps Individuals Attain a Positive & Comprehensive Life Transformation

Using the app, individuals can track their overall level of joy and will receive a personalized activity program to enhance the joy they experience in life.

The JoyScore Mobile App can also be used by Business Owners to not only improve their employee’s performance but to save money on health insurance costs while improving retention, performance, and productivity. Health Insurance Companies can customize the App to any desired key performance areas.

In Professor Singhal’s book “Joy in Health and Happiness: Your Optimal Path to Success,” he writes about the transformative power of joy, which helps readers to learn how to enhance their daily experiences. His promise is “that by focusing on that simple human principle, you can improve almost every facet of your life.”

Researchers at Harvard University have been tracking the health of more than 250 men since 1938 in the hopes that the longitudinal study would reveal clues leading to a healthy and happy life and found that “good genes are nice, but joy is even better.”

According to Professor Singhal, “who doesn’t want to be joyful? JoyScore has the spark and fizzle of magic. It’s inspiring and transcendent. Even ecstatic!”

A team of over a dozen Professors, Medical Doctors, Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrists and PhDs believe that the JoyScore Mobile App will create better lives, businesses, and companies by improving joy, immunity, mental, physical, and emotional health by evaluating 3 key areas, Mind, Body and Life.

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About the Creator

Bhupendra Singhal, also known as Bob or Dr. J for Joy, began his career as an Architect. He later taught at the University of Oregon and then at California’s CSULB where he was the youngest full Professor and honored as Meritorious and the Professional Promise Award.

His teaching in philosophy focused on ‘creativity by joy’ and ‘right brain thinking.’ Known internationally as an architect, he amassed over 5 billion dollars in projects, has won major design competitions including 70 awards, publications, media mentions, and he also served as President of the American Institute of Architects South Bay.

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