ActivArmor’s Innovative Waterproof Custom 3D-Printed Casts are Now Available Nationwide Through an Easily Accessible iOS App – A New Frontier for Fracture Immobilization Technology

DENVER, CO / August 12, 2021 / ActivArmor is a company that defies the preconception that medicine is a one-size-fits-all field through their innovative fracture immobilization technology. Revolutionizing the casting and splinting market through app-based digital customized medicine, ActivArmor’s mission is to improve the quality of life of their users by giving them the freedom to continue their active lifestyles while they heal – without worrying about water damage and other threats to their hygiene and the recovery process as a whole.

Their casts have proven themselves particularly useful during the global pandemic as the only ones in the world that are both easy to sanitize and enable effortless handwashing. Since their launch, they have helped thousands of patients across the USA, partnered with a range of world-class orthopedic surgeons and internationally recognized hospitals including the Children’s Hospital Colorado and St Luke’s Hospital, and won international contracts in Greece, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and Kuwait.

The ActivArmor Story

Founded in 2014, ActivArmor is the brainchild of Diana Hall, an engineer, and entrepreneur from the heart of Colorado, who saw an opportunity after she experienced how low-tech the world of fracture immobilization was. As an industry that hadn’t changed in hundreds of years – literally relying on wrapping moisture-trapping and bacteria-cultivating fabric around the skin for weeks – it was ripe for disruption.

While running a mentoring program for children in poverty, Diana came into contact with many kids who needed casts, whether it was due to domestic violence, other substandard living conditions, or just injuries from being a kid. One child, in particular, lived with elderly, disabled grandparents who couldn’t help him keep his fractured arm outside of the shower as he healed. With no other option to stay clean, he wore it anyway, causing skin breakdown and permanent scarring on his arm. Convinced that there was a better alternative to fiberglass, Diana 3D printed a cast out of the same plastic as Lego bricks and asked him to show it to his doctor – who was immediately taken by the idea and placed an order for several more.

ActivArmor’s philosophy is focused on two main ideas. Firstly, they take issue with the archaic nature of not being able to perform basic hygiene functions (like washing hands) for weeks and months during the healing process. Secondly, it’s about the one-size-fits-all limitations of most medical devices.

Indeed, a 70-year old retiree who loves to knit has fundamentally different needs than a 19-year old up-and-coming ice hockey player, but with the modern capabilities of CAD design and manufacturing technology, the team behind ActivArmor saw no reason why custom precision medicine shouldn’t become a worldwide standard for fracture care.

Starting a high-tech biomedical company takes time, money, energy, and focus, resources which Diana and her team have committed extreme amounts of along their journey towards becoming one of the leading companies in the world of precision medicine and patient-specific medical devices. It’s a field that the entire organization feels is poised to boom over the next five years and beyond, with additive manufacturing and mass customization capabilities empowering medical device manufacturers to remain in the USA and providers that are often constrained by budgets, reimbursements, regulation, and administration with the ability to offer and provide cutting-edge treatments for the best patient outcomes.

Custom casts – from phone to wrist

ActivArmor is already the first and only cast of its kind in the market, but it’s not just enough to create a brilliant example of biomedical engineering if it’s not universally accessible. Patients are more empowered than ever to know their options and have more influence over their medical decisions, whether that means having a greater choice in healthcare treatments or the ability to pay cash for next-gen treatments outside of the traditional system. ActivArmor’s latest innovation has been their iOS app, which enables fracture care providers nationwide the ability to prescribe ActivArmor. In just a few clicks, any patient can request a waterproof, custom 3D printed ActivArmor cast – which, when branded with the healthcare provider’s logo, goes on to function as an effective form of advertisement for the duration of the patient’s treatment.

The future of ActivArmor

The ActivArmor team has spent over half a decade helping fracture care professionals treat patients from carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers and athletes who need to sweat while competing with kids who want to get dirty and diabetics with skin conditions. The proven results of their technology in the field of fracture care have seen them become FDA registered and ISO-10993 certified while achieving zero adverse healing events reported across any of the thousands of patients they’ve treated to this day.

ActivArmor is also very popular among professional athletes, with customers including Dr Kevin Kaplan (team doctor of the Jacksonville Jaguars), players from the Indianapolis Colts, the Washington Football Team, the Los Angeles Chargers, ironman athletes, NHL players including Nate DiCasmirro, and race car drivers like Adam Cianciarulo. ActivArmor also holds contracts with the worker’s compensation group for both the NFL and MLB.

ActivArmor’s resourcefulness, adaptability, and agility – things that many major biomedical companies (and the industry itself) tend to lack – combined with their years of technical know-how and genuine passion for improving the lives of all kinds of patients have made them a force to be reckoned with within the world of fracture immobilization.

Humans will never stop injuring themselves, but ActivArmor takes pride in the fact that as time goes on, more and more fractures will be met with a quick, efficient, and affordable app-driven custom medical solution, a future that they’ll have been instrumental in creating.

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