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25th May, 2021 – Ameera London today is an authentic name in the industry. Launched back in March 2016, it is a successfully run family-owned business with its roots in London. The company prides on its Moroccan heritage that reflects in all of its products. Ameera London is passionate about ancient Moroccan beauty secrets. The brand empowers women of all age groups and skin types. The entire team strives to share its utter love for Morocco. The company’s first store in Chelsea (London) is now all set to make its mark in the beauty industry. The company was founded by Nabil Abbaze, named after his daughter Ameera and her birthplace London. Nabil Abbaze’s passion for Morocco and its beauty began at a young age, with frequent family trips to Morocco, Nabil’s Father Mustapha Abbaze, also frequently done business in Morocco, which instilled into Nabil from a young age. Being born to Moroccan parents, in London, it was a no-brainer, but to spread the Moroccan Beauty Secrets.

Initiative with Women Empowerment

The idea of launching Ameera London came up to create a leading beauty, hair and skincare brand which promotes women empowerment worldwide. The ancient Moroccan beauty secrets are injected into the luxurious hair and skincare products manufactured at Ameera London and completely sourced from Morocco. The idea behind the brand’s launch was to make the women absolutely beautiful using Moroccan beauty secrets. The business has been developed around supporting the core Moroccan values.

Big Clientage

Ameera London has a whopping amount of clientage and has so far acquired a significant following around the world, especially back home in Morocco and the Arab world. The most important and attractive thing about the company is that the influential artists and celebrities are found praising the products offered by Ameera London, one thing that caught the worlds Eye, transforming it from an ordinary Skin care brand to Makeup artists using it in there makeup Tutorials, demonstrating how our oils can be used to enhance Beautiful makeup, whilst keeping the skin healthy.

The steadily increasing global customer base of the company is beauty enthusiasts and interested in Ameera London’s cosmetics and skincare products. Major cosmetics and glamour publications of the world including Tatler, British Vogue, Glamour, Brides and Cosmopolitan have recognized the brand.

Most Noticeable Products

Ameera London’s nourishing Moroccan Ghassoul facial mask and rejuvenating Liquid Gold Pure Argan Oil are the most sold-out items of the brand.

Ameera London’s Values

The company believes in creating multi-functional products which are part of a regime and are formulated following Moroccan beauty secrets coming from generation to generation. The brilliance of the company’s values is that it takes a holistic approach to beauty that transcends skincare, and makes a central focus on a balanced lifestyle across user’s minds, body and also well-being.

Ameera London’s Collection

The collection found at Ameera London is organic and has a luxurious skincare range sourced from Morocco’s Argan trees and the Atlas Mountains. The collection is inspired by ancient Moroccan beauty secrets. It’s products have many other uses, for example, their Moroccan Ghassoul clay mask can also be used as a shampoo and conditioner, yes that’s right for your Hair, just another beauty secret passed down, from there Moroccan Berber ancestry.

The newly launched facial spa and hair salon has been designed to well-equip people with an utter Moroccan experience. The products used at the spa and Hair are from Ameera London and are 100 organics. Beauty services offered include:

  • Hello Princess
  • The Royal Atlas
  • Sahara By Night
  • The Complete
  • Traditional Moroccan Hammam
  • Mini Moroccan Classic
  • Moroccan Blow Dry

Experience the products and enjoy the Moroccan beauty secrets.

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Company Name: Ameera London
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

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