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LA – May 21, 2021 – The Stranger is a tale of a young man who resides on a ranch in 1968 and moves to the modern world in 2018 in time. Where several incidents are happening to him. Under the leadership of the author and producer Amin Shahrbanoo, who made a debut film entitled “The Stranger” The Stranger is a slice of science fiction and drama. Amin’s with The Stranger in post-production. The Stranger started in December 2020 with Amazon Prime.

This movie contributes to a plot The Stranger takes a new approach at a period when sci-fi/drama films foresee what the future will bring; nanotechnology, space exploration, Mars, wormholes, interstellar battles and artificial intelligence. It is merely a fragment from time to time. Amin goes back to the 1960s, into the world of a sad man on a ranch who faces time travel into our era.

Budget Friendly Directions

If you want to make the project a great piece of work included in or pictured in, which is a partnership between fine guidance and the perfect creative capacity to help the best team, you have to relate to Artoax Production. A child who was fascinated with watching films at the age of 16 produced a couple of short films and publicities in conjunction with Artoax Production. Amin scheduled on 1 September 2017 his first horror film, The Haunted House, as a marvel of imagination and a budget-friendly idea.

The Strangers

Amin Shahrbanoo was able to create a futuristic Los Angeles with the artistic team of Artoax Production Director with outstanding commitment to cinema and sound design. This is a special approach to time travel, which takes you to a Los Angeles criminal universe. Tyler Kohn and Maximillian Schlossberg had excellent chemistry, who appeared to be the strongest filmmaker cast. The cinemas and other climax scenes are reminiscent of Clockwork Orange from Stanley Kubrick. The stakes get higher with Dr. Ernest’s arrival. The movie has a great soundtrack. This is a science fiction film that makes the future of the 21st century distrustful to audiences.

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A Los Angeles development business with over 15 years’ experience in the film and television sectors under Amin Sheharbanoo’s direct supervision. We love what we do not do for money or budget; we still use skilled equipment for each project because we feel that the end product would both benefit us and the customer. The minimum budget they have used is $2,800 to deliver the most powerful videos in the city using a red or black magic camera.

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Company Name: Artoax
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