Derek Pacheco’s Nothing without You – A Romantic Dedication to His Wife on Wedding Day

11th November, 2021 – Derek Pacheco has done the wonders in his latest single released both on YouTube and Spotify where the music fans can hear it. The song is so spongy and romantic that it instantly catches you in its magic, and develops a beautiful rapport between you and the singer. ‘Nothing without You’, the single has every ingredient to mesmerize the souls. The lyrically beautiful and gripping song is an all-time hit for sure. Once it starts making home among the music aficionados, it will become a big hit.

Reason Behind This Song’s Creation

The reason behind this song is very beautiful as well. This shows how romantic and caring Derek Pacheco is for his better half. Yes, the song has been created and sung for his wife on their wedding day. ‘Nothing with You’ is a tribute to their love, and a wedding gift to her wife on their wedding day. What a beautiful gift it is?

What is the Song All About?

The song is a revelation of Derek’s love for his wife. Since the love songs are simple and believable, ‘Nothing without You’ too goes with the same momentum. It says something sweet, poetic, deep, and meaningful to sound real about his love for his wife. It is an honest love feeling for Derek’s wife. He opens up his heart in the poetic lines rendered marvelously in the song.

The song features Ryan Whyte Maloney who lifts up the listeners’ souls skillfully. The rendition is silken that one cannot help getting along with the flow of the song.

About Derek Pacheco

Derek is a music lover and has been playing music since the tender age of 4. He began with piano playing later associated himself with drumming and guitar playing. He brilliantly plays all of these instruments. He has been in various bands and has also played in the House of Blues Boston. He has a good knack and ear for music and is all set to make it big in the industry. Potentially a great musician, he is laced with all the required skills needed to slip into the music industry to ride on success.

‘Nothing without You’ is just a beginning, he has planned for numerous other numbers soon. His wife should be on cloud nine after hearing this marvelously churned-out song dedicated to her.

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