Dr. Rosa Mack, PhD: Helping Small Businesses Gain Success

New Orleans – Financial literacy educator, entrepreneur, and business expert Dr. Rosa Mack, PhD has made the process of taxation much easier and convenient to every person and entity, no matter what type of profession or business they have, thanks to the new venture called “Tax Queen Enterprises”, where all the services and training that involve business, taxation, accounting are highly accessible.

Dr. Mack founded Tax Queen Enterprises LLC to provide the best training and services to all the people and businesses that need such. It provides the most in-demand services for taxation and financial concerns that are needed by the public, such as tax consulting services, tax accounting services, income tax preparation, and other services for those who aim to open their own tax accounting business.

Aside from these, Dr. Mack, who herself is an educator in the field of curriculum and instruction, will also teach annual Summer courses on financial literacy for every business owner and those who are aspiring to put up and own a business.

The entrepreneurship course that will be offered will provide the best lessons for established and aspiring business owners to “organize their business books using accounting applications in preparation for tax season, be aware of tax deductions they may qualify for, how to prepare profit and loss statements, how to develop a financial plan to assist them in achieving financial success, how to prepare for the home buying process, applying for business loans, and more.”

Other than the services and training courses, Dr. Mack also offers the best quality of service that aims to help every type of established business build the business credit that they need.

With both entrepreneurship and education on the top list of services offered by Tax Queen Enterprises LLC, Dr. Mack still maintains a full-time career as an educator. “I consider myself both, an educator and an entrepreneur, and by teaching others how to manage a full-time career while launching a new business, I am able to merge my two areas of expertise.”, said the renowned CEO.

With all the needed services and courses in business, taxation, and other aspects of banking and finance, there is no more reason for any established or aspiring business owner to be left out in the entrepreneurial world, and it will be sure that everyone’s success will be achieved soon.

Dr. Rosa Mack, Ph.D. is the owner of Tax Queen Enterprises LLC. You can reach out to her through her official website, www.drrosamack.com, or the official website of Tax Queen Enterprises at www.thetaxqueens.com.


Dr. Rosa Mack, Ph.D. is an educator in the field of curriculum and instruction and a multi-entrepreneur, who is also the owner of Tax Queen Enterprises LLC. Based in New Orleans, she earned her Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Houston in 2021.

She has numerous affiliations where she serves leadership roles as well, such as the International Literacy Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, the Houston Area Urban League, and the Queens Unite, where she currently serves as the president.

Dr. Mack founded Tax Queen Enterprises LLC, which aims to provide the best services and training courses on taxation, business, and finance to every established and aspiring business owner of any type.

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