FDR Funding & Private Equity, LLC Announces it Was Chosen to Fund the $200M Construction Loan for Texas’ New Wyndham Hotel

As a Ground-Up Construction Project, Building Will Commence in the Spring 2022, with an Expected Completion Date of May 2025.

With over 75 sources of funds to work with, FDR Funding & Private Equity, fdrfunding.com can additionally infuse their own capital if they like an opportunity. They are the only funding firm that combines capital with expert guidance to ensure their clients have the best chance of success.

According to founder, Ed McCusker, “we are extremely creative and can tap unlimited resources. It gives us an edge over our competitors who only rely on other underwriters.

With a goal to help companies to achieve their goals with capital infusion, debts can be restructured to improve cash-flow which allows businesses to increase sales utilizing the saved capital.

About FDR Funding

FDR Funding & Private Equity, LLC is ready to fund any businesses for any amount within hours. They offer unsecured capital up to $3 Million, and secured capital up to $500 Million.

About E. (Ed) Gerard McCusker

As a successful CEO, Ed was at the helm of Dealerwholesale.com and the majority shareholder when the firm was acquired by Cox Communications and rebranded as Autotrader.com.

A serial entrepreneur, McCusker launched the first all-natural weight-loss aid in 2005 which was endorsed by Jennifer Lopez and featured in Woman’s World Magazine.

In 2008, Ed launched National Debt Relief, LLC and successfully exited in 2010. A significant shareholder and former CEO of PerformTex Products, which are sold in the largest sporting goods store chain in North America, he is a founding member of CMO Equity Group, a micro-cap that focuses on funding and developing ground-breaking new products.

McCusker is the co-author of over 7 patents and has obtained over 25 Trademarks. He launched Bio-Defenders.com in 2020 which grossed over $1.5 M in the first 6 months and continues to thrive today.

Media Contact

Company Name: FDR Funding & Private Equity, LLC
Contact Person: E. Gerard (Ed) McCusker
Phone: (610) 405-0059
Country: United States
Website: https://fdrfunding.com/