Karma Sutra – An Immaculate Single By 076ohone

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY, USA, February 18, 2022 – A singer starts getting noticed and the popularity graph soars to heights, when a good quality of voice and singing are exhibited or delivered to the masses, who is the audience or the listeners of the singer. A good singing consists of consistent tone, volume, support, pitching and style. And of course, the fame swells a lot when quality of lyrics and ear-pleasing composition are backed the rendition of the vocalist.

A brilliant vocalist is the one who knows his or her range, aptly warms up his/her vocal cords and tries to interact with his/her listeners (no matter if the singing is not live and being done in the studio instead). Whatever has been mentioned in above lines is found with none other than 076ohone, the famed musician who dolls up numerous tasks in the mesmerizing field of music.

Release of Karma Sutra – Latest Single by 076ohone

It would not be untrue to say that 076ohone is a rapper as well. He adds true uniqueness to the melody of ‘Karma Sutra’. A free rather a long structure style was used in Karma Sutra. The vocalist continues rapping and rapping and using free-rhyming from the beginning to the end of the track.

Since 076ohone is an expert of tones (both sonic and visual), he very aptly showcases his skills in the general version and creation of the tune of Karma Sutra. The general tune, regardless of the fact that it is a mixture of numerous melodic components, stays firm while depicting various sonic shadings.

About 076Ohone

The digital based entrepreneur and music artist 076Ohone has recently done ‘Karma Sutra’ that has started gathering momentum among the music lovers, and is all set also to make a big mark in music fraternity. He is from Hackensack, NJ, USA. The musician is expanding his repertoire through marketing and web3 technology. 076Ohone was the first one to be ahead of the curve and gain streaming royalty shares from the hip hop heavyweight ‘NAS’ NFT release from his unique album backed by decentralization blockchain and web3 integration.

An Artist Who Wears Multi Talents

076Ohone is among those artists who are laced with multi talents. He is beyond a rapper, as he is also a lyricist, videographer and a writer. When he writes, he slips into the stream of creativity, that is why his poetic lines depict imagination, depth and expressiveness.

From singing to arrangement of the instruments to rapping and lyrics, this multi-talented artist always impresses. His fan-following is loyal, and now keeps growing day by day – reason behind is his determination and commitment towards his works.

Connect With 076OHONE:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2rwwRBfnMXdfbi8qrKwUu2

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/076ohone/