Life coach of the year Kaden James has helped hundreds of thousands of followers and clients see themselves in the light of possibility, guiding them toward their ultimate dreams

Kaden is the author of several books including the bestselling Coach Yourself, Reflekt, and The Daily Playbook. Now Kaden is back with an all new Sci-Fi series that delivers suspense, intrigue and adventure.  The themes of this new book are still thought provoking and cause the readers to think about their own lives as they are entertained by scenes that play out like an epic Hollywood film franchise.

Flawed: The Gift Within the Shadow is a story about teens who grow up on an island and uncover a deep secret, they are genetically altered and to the extreme. Fueled by parents who craved perfection in athletic ability, beauty and brains; these children were given something else entirely unexpected, a flaw that made them dangerous to the general public. A propensity for violence made the children behave animalistically whenever overly stressed or provoked.  This caused them to be essentially, recalled and placed on a beautiful tropical island when they were just babies. As these teens discover who they are, we are in for the journey that could cost them their lives before they’ve ever even been free to live them. This book deservedly won a coveted Readers Favorite 5 Star rating. We are sure that as more readers discover this enchanting read they will desire to see the spectacular sets and inspired visuals on film and possibly even a theme park or other attraction. We are sure that this inclusive and diverse cast of characters will become loved for their rich personalities and relatability to a wide range of readers from around the world. Take some time to venture to a remote island full of wonder and interesting creatures that have been genetically altered in a quest for perfection. Flawed will have you wondering where we should draw the line when it comes to seeking perfection and how far technology should alter humanity.

To uncover more about the author and his unique ability to create deep and detailed characters we reached out to former clients and colleagues. As an entrepreneur Kaden James redefines the realm of possibility for personal development and creativity, bringing things together that were once considered completely separate. His proprietary coaching methods have successfully helped clients build lucrative businesses, create lasting relationships, and earn massive amounts of money. Professional athletes have reached their goals under his accountability and many have found their purpose after sports. Writers have credited Spirlit with helping them publish bestselling books and one was even sold to a Hollywood studio. Using these Spirlit formulas, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike have generated record revenue while contributing to the well-being of the world. After researching him extensively, it’s clear that Kaden has the passion and heart. He is the real deal, to put it simply- he cares. In a world where it seems negativity and cynicism is all too prevalent, Spirlit offers solutions to the negative thinking and the mental programming that often hides the gifts and opportunities that dwell in every challenge. Kaden put it right out there with the title, “The Gift Within the Shadow”. While all these projects and his companies Fullfilled and Spirlit could seem from the outside to be unrelated, there is a common thread running through all of Kaden’s endeavors. The goal is to lead a life you love and that’s something we can all get behind.

Many of our favorite life coaching tools are from Spirlit. Here are a few custom Spirlit methods we absolutely love- The Life Audit, Dreamscaping Method, Belief Breakthroughs, The FEEL Formula, Connection Calendar, Spheres of Influence, and the ROAR Goal Setting Method. If you are interested in personal development and want to gain the knowledge top experts in this field have, take the courses! We recommend starting with the extensive and enriching Life Coaching Academy Certification. It is worth every penny and is an investment in yourself and your business. Even if you never become a coach you’ll be walked through step-by-step what coaches know and you’ll be able to use these skills and strategies in your own life.

There is another program we love for people wanting to launch a business rapidly, this can be done with the Accelerator Program. This offering is much shorter than the certification course and cuts right to the point and gives you the knowledge you need to start making money as a consultant or coach. These techniques are the best we have come across and we feel they are priceless. Spirlit courses and coaches have impacted millions and generated immeasurable wealth for those who have applied them.

In a seminar, Kaden shared with the group, “Sure, people on the way to their goals get anxious and fearful but people who don’t work at their goals are even more worried and often end up in a deep state of regret. Progress is the antidote to this stress, it is through progress that we grow into our full potential. The progress takes time, it’s bit by bit. It doesn’t have to be perfect in its execution and it doesn’t even have to be visible to others. When you feel progress with your relationships, progress with your work, progress on your health and fitness goals and know that you’re doing better than before, then you will feel better because you are making things better.”

The Spirlit life coaching certification is the gold standard within the industry. They have an exceptional reputation for producing highly skilled coaches with over 90% success rate for coaches paying back their tuition within six of completion. 100% of clients said that Spirlit increased productivity, and helped them gain clarity, achieve their personal and professional goals and provided expert accountability. Of graduates, 97% said they became more confident, 87% improved their mindset, and 50% said Spirlit raised their income by 2x or more.

Unlike many other coaching platforms, the Spirlit community encourages genuine friendship and accountability on and off the platform. It’s a welcoming space that leaves you inspired and lights you up. Get lit now!

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