Mykii J: A Look At His “Music 4 Mutants”

From doing covers of Drake and Nicki Minaj, to eventually getting recognition on his own through hits like “Crime Scene”, “This Ain’t A Diss”, and “The Last Dragon”, singer-songwriter, rapper, and poet Mykii J has gained a huge following and countless online streams, earning him the best music recognitions and even landing on a spot as a semi-finalist in Audacy’s “Opening Act” Music Competition for the 2021 Hollywood Bowl.

Born Michael B. Carroll, Jr., the  Philadelphia native is among the new artists in the American hip-hop scene that many music fans and critics dubbed as the next big thing, with Broken 8 Records even describing Mykii J’s music as “Armed with a poetic refrain and plenty of emotive imagery.”

His early years in Philadelphia honed his talent in music, where he expressed his love for singing and dancing at his family home early on, but it wasn’t until middle school that the young Mykii J discovered his skills as a natural performer, overcoming his initial shyness through joining their school choir.

His talent for poetry emerged in 2018 when he started writing his two poetry collections entitled “The Dichotomy Between Light & Dark” and “Songs of an Indomitable Spirit”. Doing so helped him realize his talent for writing sick rhymes and creating vocal melodies, making his brand of hip-hop an undeniably emotive and authentic one.

The powerful and emotive fusion of hip-hop music and poetry is evident in Mykii J’s debut album “Music 4 Mutants, Vol. 1”, released last July 2021, which gained impressive reviews and massive album sales. The singer collaborated with renowned producer Keef Keyz for the album and his songs, as well as with other talented producers and engineers, such as Caslo, Alex Samarai, Felipo GZO, and Lloyd Soul.

Counting Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Justin Timberlake among his influences, he gets his main inspirations from his experiences – but most especially his desires for self-expression.

As a black, queer male in the “straight male-driven” world of rap and hip-hop, he aims to promote self-expression and diversity through his musical talents that no music fan can truly resist. By being himself, Mykii J aims to inspire others like him to do the same and add more diversity to the rap and hip-hop genres.

Mykii J’s album “Music 4 Mutants, Vol. 1” is currently out now. He can also be found via his official social media accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.


Mykii J is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, poet, and book author, making his name in the music scene from his hometown of Philadelphia. He released numerous singles such as “Crime Scene”, “This Ain’t A Diss”, and “The Last Dragon”, as well as his debut album “Music 4 Mutants, Vol. 1”, all of which have received impressive praises and massive sales.

As a poet, he has released numerous poetry books such as “The Dichotomy Between Light & Dark” and “Songs of an Indomitable Spirit”, and the freestyles “Whole Lotta Choppas”, “Holiday”, “Body”, and “Seeing Green”.