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Notarizations can be an important milestone in one’s life. You may need a notary when it comes to dealing with legal paperwork for buying a house, writing your will, adopting a child or getting married. According to National Notary Association, there is a total of more than 4.4 million notaries working in the United States as of 2017. But how do you find the right notary? That is the real question.

Online notary services are the same as physical services but the only difference is that online notary services provide their services online rather than being physically present. When looking for the best online notary services, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the number of options available. Lucky for you, here is the best option for all your notary needs.

Imagine being a lawyer, title company or escrow service and being stressed because your staff cannot find the right mobile notary for you. Notary Capitol is here to take care of all your online notary needs and make your life easier.

Notary Capitol allows all parties to request a notary via the online portal and rest assured that Notary Capitol will find the mobile notary, check if they are qualified for the job and lastly ensure their credentials are up to date

Notary Capitol makes it possible for all parties involved in real estate transactions (including buyers, sellers, lenders, title companies and escrow services) to request a mobile notary public through a simple online form. The requestor can then track the status of their request and receive notifications when their mobile notary public has been assigned or declined.

Give Notary Capitol a try, they are here to get your legal matters solved by the right professionals.

About Notary Capitol

Notary Capitol is a chain of notaries that provides the most comprehensive notary services in the industry. They have thousands of notaries available who will help in a variety of notary services including both basic and complex tasks.

Notary Capitol is founded by Elias Santos who is an entrepreneur and a notary public who came up with the idea of online notary services when the Covid-19 pandemic hit New Jersey. They are now providing their services across the country. Their mission is to provide clients with the highest quality services through delivering efficient, convenient and accurate notary services.

According to Zenaida, their customer ‘it’s always a pleasure working with Elias and the Notary Capitol team. They provide clear instructions and are always available to answer any question to help make the closing successful’.

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