Ocho Mexico – Music Artist Who Rocks the Music Scene

29th March, 2022 – Bentley Records, the famed music label, so far has done wonders in music world. It has launched a number of music artists and made careers of many music enthusiast. The new to join its bandwagon is none other than Ocho Mexico, the skilled rapper on the music scene. Ocho is supremely dexterous in singing, and has mammoth potential to steal the music scene.

About Ocho Mexico – The Rocking Talent on Today’s Music Front

Born on 13th March, 1990 in Chicago, Oho Mexico has been rapping since very early in his life that he even does not remember the time. This shows the passion and enthusiasm for the music, the singer possesses. Ocho started taking his music seriously few years back in November 2016.

First Song

The first song that Ocho did was recorded in 2013. From then onwards, the passion started slipping into profession ways. He then began realizing the importance of being a professional singer, and understanding the value of perks associated with professional singing.

Early Days of Career

During the time of 2013, one of his best friends in U.S. Navy encouraged him to buy all necessities to record himself i.e., MacBook, pro tools and all of the necessary programs. He learnt video shooting and editing. The two then became a dynamic duo. This friend showed him how to record music and motivated him to make music. During the days of 2012-2013, Ocho used to practice while recording himself on protocols.

Earlier he had numerous names such as Young Ola, Prince Terban, but finally adjusted with Ocho Mexico. By the time he moved back to Chicago, he learnt the importance of professional engineering. Thus, he recorded with various engineers in the city. It lasted for one year, later he went on a two years hiatus.

His Influences

Ocho Mexico was influenced by a number of highly famed musicians like 2pac, Bad Boy Records and Eminem. Later he was influenced by the likes of Three 6 Mafia, Dipset, Lil Wayne and Kanye. He used the name ‘Young Ola’ till April 2020, then he officially changed his moniker into ‘Ocho Mexico’.

Music Releases

He released two singles as ‘Young Ola’ on Apple Music/Spotify, and one project ‘Young George Senior’ available on websites such as ‘Dat Piff’ and ‘My Mixtapez’ along with a few videos on YouTube.

Ocho Mexico has also released one project with his close collaborator ‘Reck McGee’. Besides, he has released multiple single on Apple Music/Spotify/YouTube etc from April 2020 till date.

His Contracts

Although Ocho is an independent artist, but has a non-exclusive distribution contract with Bentley Records. Additionally, he has signed a management deal with Urban Grind TV based in Chicago, USA. Through this deal, he has launched his own record label, Goatcho Entertainment LLC.

Greatest Achievement

‘Mardi Gras’ is his biggest achievement in life so far that broke 100,000 views on YouTube and emerged on Top 40 charts on iTunes.

Upcoming Music

A lot of music is in pipeline. He is releasing singles and videos mostly for now. Stay tuned. His next solo single ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ is set to be released in spring.

Talent Other Than Music

Ocho Mexico shows his talent on another front as well. He co-hosts for Urban Grind TV and Radio that airs every Wednesday on Comcast 25, YouTube, Roku TV and Amazon.

Media Contact
Company Name: BentleyRecords
Contact Person: Ocho Mexico
City: Los Angeles
Country: United States
Website: https://bentleyrecords.io/