SunFusion, Popular U.S. Energy Storage Company, Goes Global

13th December, 2021 – SunFusion, an energy storage company, is widely known for its specialization in Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Its ECHO series is its premium line of energy storage systems available in both indoor and outdoor versions. SunFusion has made its presence felt in the market very quickly due to its performance packed products, quality, friendly customer care service, and of course for economical pricing. The company has emerged as the best energy systems producer in the market.

SunFusion vs. Competitors

There is no doubt about the famed brand names such as Sonnen, Tesla, LG Chem, UL, but SunFusion particularly for its ECHO series has surpassed all of its competitors behind.

It has been proved with various tests and obviously with the comparisons made by the users/customers that Sunfusion’s energy systems are much better than Tesla’s power wall 2 (that once was rated higher and popular in the market). Even SunFusion has beaten the likes of market leaders Sonnen GmbH and LG Chem Ltd – the former is a German and the latter is a Korean brand. Both are popular for manufacturing energy storage systems for home and small businesses. But today, SunFusion leads with its energy systems, which are more powerful and economical.

Why SunFusion?

It is a USA-made manufacturer of energy storage systems. SunFusin is owned by Walter Ellard, who is a CEO and the developer of the ECHO system and ECHO 2.0. The company just received its latest UL Listing for the ECHO 2.0, and is based in San Diego, California. 

SunFusion’s single energy system cabinet can hold 24Kw of continuous power and its peak is at 40Kw ensuring the users to keep their entire home powered during blackouts or planned outages.

The majority of the battery systems only keep the power on as long as the sun is out and the solar PV is connected, but SunFusion’s battery systems (which are introduced in the market after thorough tests and quality inspection) help the power keep on even after the sun goes down for longer periods. Where competitors’ battery systems start working down, SunFusion’s battery systems start going high with more performance.

Why SunFusion is Different?

This is because the brand is a manufacturer and integrator of the most flexible energy storage system in the market. The company works with a firm belief that renewable energy should not depend on utility companies. This was the reason that SunFusion developed its Uninterrupted Energy Supply (UES). The interesting thing about UES is that it works with or without the grid, and also provides power to your entire home or business for a number of days on a single charge.

SunFusion’s Market is Global

Although SunFusion Energy Systems Inc is a U.S. based company, sensing the need for energy storage systems that last longer than the rest of the products in the market, it sells its products around the world. Businesses from the world (small to large sized) have approached to SunFusion to buy its products. Thus, it has integrated its energy storage systems not only in Africa but also in Mexico and the United States. 

Media Contact

Company Name: SunFusion Energy Systems Inc
Contact Person: Walter Ellard
Email: Send Email
Phone: 858-837-4755
Address:9020 Kenamar Dr Suit 204
City: San Diego
State: CA 92121
Country: United States

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