Terry Morton Announces That the Independent Financial Firm He Founded, Terry Morton Wealth Advisors, LLC Continues to Listen to Client’s Needs 1st & Then Offer Solutions

Terry Morton Announces That the Independent Financial Firm He Founded, Terry Morton Wealth Advisors, LLC Continues to Listen to Client’s Needs 1st & Then Offer Solutions Based on a Client’s Situation & Goals

With many years of practical industry experience, Mr. Morton transitioned his practice from a traditional people engagement process to a prospect and client centric process. In so doing, consulting in the areas of health, finances, and relationships take precedence over all else. According to Terry, “Anyone who meets with the firm will know their life situation is clearly the only motivation.” 

He enjoys working with people and offering solutions to their financial issues based on their unique situation and goals. When working with an individual or a couple he says that he “asks questions and actively listens so I’m able to expand on certain things I hear. Everyone has a story to tell. We’re all human and we all wish to be listened to when we are in a situation where it is expected we will be listened to. I make certain people are listened to. I make sure their needs come first.”

At Terry Morton Wealth Advisors LLC, the process used is not based on finding products and services to fit a prospect but on asking questions and listening. Morton states, “Many times, I have had prospects, upon meeting me, ask me questions about fees and product performance. I usually ask where that question comes from. I help them understand that my industry has taught them that those are the questions they should ask. They are not. The questions that should be asked are those that have to do with them. What is important to them/him/her. It is of the utmost importance they understand it is about them. Not my products and services.”

A client can expect to learn to advocate for themselves and that problems will be solved in the process. According to Mr. Morton, “I want my prospects to know, even when working with me as a client, that they now understand what I do and what my industry does. I want them to know how it works. When they can advocate for themselves, about any issue, they become even better clients, and we have much deeper conversations that bring even more value.”

Recently a client came to Terry Morton Wealth Advisors, LLC who was unhappy about a product they had purchased using another advisor that was not working for them. Morton was able to exchange it without penalty into a series of products that met the client’s needs.

Finally, Morton states, “It is completely within expectation that if we ultimately don’t work together, you will still be able to tell me that I helped and that it was important that I did.”

About Terry Morton

Initially, Terry Morton entered the financial services as a Cost and Profitability Analyst in a corporate setting. Following 7 years as a People, Process, and Facility Manager, he was intrigued by both the management and corporate financial roles and made the decision to transition to the personal wealth arena in traditional banking and investment services. He spent the first 20 years working for a few of the US’s major banks in both the wealth and brokerage areas. Shortly thereafter, he worked for a non-banking large brokerage establishment. This last role inspired Mr. Morton to pursue becoming an Independent Wealth Management Business Owner, known as Terry Morton Wealth Advisors, LLC.

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