THE ROPPONGI CLINIC, Based In Japan To Attract More Rhinoplasty Treatments Provided Its Cutting Edge Techniques

JAPAN – Aug 26, 2022 – Japan’s thriving specialist in rhinoplasty and director of THE ROPPONGI CLINIC is redefining nose surgery treatments through his cutting-edge techniques.  In order to lead Japan in rhinoplasty by the closed method that leaves no scars in sight, he went to Turkey to gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology that can handle even the most complicated nose treatments. Dr. Nagao has made a name for himself by perfecting a number of difficult nose jobs and introducing Japan’s largest and most innovative technology that has been transforming the faces of Asian patients for years.

His most impressive work comes in the form of his Asian closed rhinoplasty and endoscope-assisted rhinoplasty techniques, both of which are relatively new procedures that have been perfected by him. Closed rhinoplasty is a surgery that is performed without any external incisions, which means that there is no scarring and the healing process is significantly shorter. On the other hand, endoscope-assisted rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive surgery that uses a tiny camera to assist the surgeon in achieving precise results.

He is also a specialist in dorsal augmentation using autologous grafts such as costal cartilages. In order to make high noses, most Asian plastic surgeons use artificial materials such as silicone implants, because artificial materials are easy to handle. However, artifacts are prone to get infections or cause other complications.  Though it is difficult to handle costal cartilages, costal cartilage grafts are safer and look more natural.

The practice has proven to be a huge game-changer for many Asians and set new standards of rhinoplasty for the region. The ROPPONGI CLINIC further provides comprehensive treatments such as anti-ageing, regenerative and functional medicine to help patients maintain their results for years to come.

“Rise in advancements for plastic surgeries has been observed in recent years. This is mainly accredited to the increasing awareness about the availability of these surgeries and their benefits, such as a shorter healing period with little to no scarring. Thanks to technological advancements, it has been successfully contributing to the growth of the rhinoplasty market”, says Dr. Shinji Nagao.

Dr. Shinji Nagao is committed to helping patients achieve successful nasal cosmetic surgery and aims to bust the conventions related to these surgeries. With his world’s most advanced nasal cosmetic surgery procedures, he is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand surgeons in Japan. Further, to cater to the growing demand of his patients, he is at the forefront of nose surgery treatments in Japan. He is constantly innovating and perfecting new techniques to ensure that his patients receive the best possible care and results.


THE ROPPONGI CLINIC is one of Japan’s most famous and renowned cosmetic surgery clinics. The clinic provides a wide range of cosmetic surgeries and procedures, including the Asian closed rhinoplasty, endoscope-assisted rhinoplasty, and autologous graft rhinoplasty.

About Dr. Shinji Nagao

Dr. Shinji Nagao is a renowned surgeon in Japan who specializes in Rhinoplasty, bear treatment, and double formation. He is known for his precision in techniques that give patients the best results. His practice has constantly provided the highest standard of care to patients and has an impeccable personalized approach for every requirement.

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