Tribal Wealth United Proudly Announces the launch of Its Flagship Product, Tribal Wealth Funding Along with Its Companion B.O.S.S. Alliance™

The pairing of Tribal Wealth Funding and The B.O.S.S. (Business Owners Success System) Alliance™ is sure to cause a shift in the world of business funding and credit building. The company’s slogan is, “we say yes when others say no.”

Founded by Michael Perkins, Tribal Wealth Funding, ( is unmatched in the business funding space, especially when it comes to funding startups and service-based businesses. Mr. Perkins and his team assist Real Estate Investors, Financial Services Professionals, and Business Coaches with securing ideal sources of funding to grow and scale their businesses. Their specialty is offering strategic funding solutions so that businesses are well-positioned and in a “constant state of readiness” for whatever may come up in the future.

Our goal is to help clients uncover hidden challenges that are blocking their success in business; work with them to clarify their vision for their company and educate them about credit and funding while providing the funding they need for their business,” says Michael.

As a member of the B.O.S.S. Alliance™ and as a Certified Business Funding Coach, Michael educates and empowers small business owners and real estate investors to build sustainable businesses and create legacy wealth by properly funding their business and leveraging their assets.

Clients are grateful for the help they receive. “There was not one bank that would even talk to me. I was about to give up. I thought that I had exhausted all my options until I called Tribal Wealth Funding.  They introduced me to their B.O.S.S. product, and it literally saved my business. I’m now back on track and the future looks bright,” states Dorothy K.

According to Michael, “What I’m most proud of are the results that people who work with us achieve by starting their own businesses, eliminating bad debt and creating their own “family banks”. Their lives are transformed. What I love most about what we do is hearing from our clients about how our funding strategies have helped them overcome a short-term challenge or provided them with the long-term funding they needed to sustain or expand their businesses.”

About Michael Perkins, Founder

Michael Perkins founded Tribal Wealth Funding to assist small business owners with securing the resources and funding they need to stabilize, grow, scale, and protect their businesses.

He is big on CONNECTION, COLLABORATION and COMMUNITY and intends to use his platform as a member of the B.O.S.S. Alliance™ to connect with other socially conscious entrepreneurs to help strengthen the lives of the families, businesses, and communities they are called to serve. In his collaborative book “Harness the Power of Purpose: How to Monetize Your Personal and Business Journey,” Michael explores five key concepts that employees and entrepreneurs should implement without delay to strengthen their financial future.

About the BOSS Alliance™

The B.O.S.S. Alliance™ through their suite of Business Pro™ products deploys a proprietary algorithmic tool to transform a large data set into specific individual targeted statistical suggestions thus yielding successful funding results unmatched in the industry. This allows Tribal Wealth Funding to assist more entrepreneurs and real estate investors with growing their businesses and funding more deals.

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