The Power of the Facebook “Like”

The power of the Facebook “like” cannot be underestimated. This powerful advertising tool has millions of users. And while you might think that a “like” is nothing, it is extremely powerful. In fact, a single Facebook “like” can bring you thousands of new customers. So how can you use it to your advantage? In this article, we’ll explore the power of Facebook’s “like” to advertise your business.

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1 Social Circle

Facebook wanted its address to be 1 Social Circle, but it had to change it when Google launched its circle-based friend system. The social network will maintain its campus at 1 Hacker Way, while other departments will have addresses along the same street. In fact, the legal department will be located at 18 Hacker Way. Google’s name came from a place, and the company jumped on the bandwagon. Google+ has more than 2 billion users and will rival Facebook in the social networking arena.

The Facebook HQ will be at 1 Hacker Way, and every other department will have its own address, including the Legal Department. The name of the social circle was dropped after Google+ launched its Circle features. The new address was reportedly inspired by the ‘hacker’ way of life at the Silicon Valley behemoth. Those who work there are forced to adhere to a strict culture, and dissenting is frowned upon. Read More

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