Web Design Trends that we’ll likely See More This 2021

Who doesn’t love surfing the Internet, and checking out the various websites? Well, web design has gone from simply creating static or dull sites on the Worldwide Web, to becoming fashionable and truly mesmerizing online haunts. And while 2020 wasn’t an easy year for everyone (because of the COVID-19 crisis) the good thing was that more and more people were using the Internet to shop for everything, go to work and even attend classes. Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the web design trends that we’re more likely to see this 2021.


Web industry observers and plain Internet users are more likely to see web design Brisbane trends this 2021 that adopt – scrolltelling! Nope, I didn’t misspell this, because there’s actually a term called scrolltelling, which is defined as visual storytelling that heightens the story and hooks the reader into its narrative!

According to web designers who’ve done scrolltelling,  its best applications include: Keeping motion within a small area, providing interactions that are based on the user’s terms, ensuring that any scroll telling elements help to emphasize the story instead of distracting the user from important text.

Preference-Based Designs

Another major web design Brisbane trend that’s expected to make waves this 2021 is preference-based designs. This can be anything from offering custom-tailored content to suit one’s taste, or toggling between dark and light mode and other ways of changing a website’s appearance.

Preference-based design practices and algorithms are predicted to make the Worldwide Web a less-passive user experience and make it more user-centered. The future will even bring more focus on the wants, tastes and needs of people who navigate through websites!

Muted Colors

While color will continue to play a major role in the design and influence factor of websites, subdued colors will reign supreme on the web design Brisbane field this 2021! When I say “muted” colors, I’m actually referring to all colors which have low saturation or chrome.

These are also subtle colors which are not bright, or colors that have been dulled, greyed or subdued. Muted colors are actually the exact opposite of a soft color, which has a bright, vivid and saturated hue.

Augmented Reality

Web designs this 2021 will further provide users with amazing immersive experiences such as AR, or Augmented Reality. This means that users can now point their smartphone or desktop cameras towards themselves and scroll through an online fashion retailer’s screen to gauge their outfit choices. US-based retailer JC Penny has in fact been using AR already in its online shopping platform!

Multimedia Experiences

As more and more people is having access to quicker Internet speeds, multimedia experiences will become more prevalent this 2021. This brings together richer and more exciting visuals, text, and video and audio that should make for a richer and fuller user experience.

Successful web designs this year will however use constraint with multimedia experiences, as they will continue to put a priority on simplicity, especially when combining motion and audio. The reason for this is because if there’s too much going on on a website, it can be distracting or overwhelming especially to folks who suffer from cognitive disorders.

Web designers will also utilize different formats in a more thoughtful manner as a way to maximize content accessibility. They will also include transcripts and closed captioning for all pre-recorded multimedia, as well as make sure that all text is made with HTML instead of rendered inside images.

More 3D Visuals

With the development of higher-resolution device screens, 3D design has gone a long, long way from the dull, blocky and dreary images of Geocities. This year, we’ll see more high-quality and more complex 3D visuals that are going to be seamlessly weaved into website designs. So, instead of just being flashy, obnoxious distractions, 3D design will definitely add more fun tot he overall user experience!

Horizontal Scrolling

Instead of being just a significant or embarrassing error in the field of web design Brisbane , horizontal scrolling is having a major comeback. This means that this year w’re going to see more web designers continuing to experiment, and perfect, horizontal scrolling.

However, web designers won’t be forcing users to navigate through horizontal content, and instead they’ll allow alternate ways to navigate (like use clear labels or arrow buttons). They will also be more thoughtful about which content would benefit from being displayed in a horizontal scroll, and will avoid requiring horizontal scrolling for text that needs to be read.

Retro Fonts

The fonts used in designing websites this 2021 will turn more towards attaining a retro feel. This means that we’re going to see many of the old stuff becoming cool again, like think of Elvis Presley-like men’s clothes or Marilyn Monroe-like dresses!

But, instead of just being stale and cliché, the retro web design fonts of 2021 will have more style and artistry, and are guaranteed to breathe more life into traditional bold fonts, by giving them a modern, high-tech spin, while maintaining the old-school retro concept.

The Rise of Emojis

The rise of playful emojis which accompany alphanumeric characters when texting or sending private messages on Facebook and other social media sites, has also made its way into the standard web design Brisbane toolbox.

This means that in 2021 more web designers will incorporate the playful, endearing emojis and will use them more as part of their website content. These fun, illustrated gestures should help brands and marketers to convey their sentiment and non-verbal messaging in a language that will be more familiar to all web users!

While the COVID-19 pandemic has put nearly all of us into quarantine, it has definitely pushed us deeper into the digital world, and has changed the way we live our lives too. The pandemic has also pushed web designers to create websites which cater to the needs of more users, and provide everyone with a much fuller user experience!



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