TMB Global Foundation – Presents Keeping Black LIT…LIT!™

Back in February of 1926, a young African-American named Carter G. Woodson created “Negro History Week in Washington, D.C.” He was only the second Black American to receive a PhD, in history from Harvard University. However, the first Black person to receive a PhD from Harvard was W.E.B Du Bois. Nearly 100 years later, in The 3rd Millennium, we are stridently vehement and committed to play our part in preserving the authenticity of African-American History, and call to unite and celebrate with TMB Global Foundation (TMBGF) the audacious artistry and depiction of timeless raw creativity in the pages of African-American Literature. The African-American experience is indeed “an American cultural experience which must be remembered!” We at TMBGF stand firmly on the The First Amendment of the United States – which guarantees individuals the right to speak, be published, and to read freely…

TMB Global Foundation Announcing Keeping Black LIT…-LIT!

The Urban Dictionary tells us that Lit is a slang word used to describe “something that is cool, exciting, or just generally something you’d want to experience….” It’s a true play on words “Keeping Black LIT…LIT!” It is our upward campaign to keep books by Black authors in the hands of our young learners, so they may enjoy the works of literary greats like, Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, and Toni Morrison to name a few. Books that literally spell out the Black experience and lend physical documentation to our stories for generations to come.

Keeping Black LIT…LIT is a unifying message which acknowledges young people deserve to learn an inclusive and accurate history in schools.

We collectively invite you to join our non-profit TMB Global Foundation Platform as we mobilize to Preserve Black Culture and Literature for an Eclectic 3 Day Event which will feature: workshops, planning sessions and a global” Concert for Culture” planned for February 2024 to engage our youth, concerned parents, and leadership, to preserve our history for children today, tomorrow, and forever….as we “Keep Black Literature…LIT!”

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