7 Benefits Of Mental Health

When we talk about health, we think of diseases, viruses, disabilities, etc. related to our physical body. Rarely do people acknowledge or take into consideration the importance of mental health and well-being.

What should have been an essential part of our academic education and counseling has been the most neglected. Mental health issues are greatly looked down upon and even disregarded as unimportant.

When individuals come forward to talk about their mental state, they are bombarded with sarcastic remarks, taunts, and belittling comments. Mental health issues are often neglected and hidden due to the social stigma attached to them.

As sad as it is, the most common diseases today are all related to our mental health issues. Awareness campaign initiations have become more prominent in recent years as young adults, and sometimes, even kids have presented with poor mental health. With this becoming a major cause of concern, each of us must make a conscious effort in keeping an eye out for our loved ones, or even acquaintances for indicators that show a deviation from normal behavior.

What is Mental Health?

It is the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of individuals. Mentally healthy people can express and feel emotions, maintain healthy relationships, adopt and adapt to change, and can cope with uncertainty.

Mental health is often understood as the absence of a mental disease which is far from the truth. It is that and a lot more too. When you feel healthy in your brain, you carry out daily tasks without feeling undue fatigue, and getting up in the morning does not become a battle.

Poor mental health is a common issue faced by the majority of individuals about the work stress, environmental pressures, meeting work deadlines, broken relationships, family discords, etc. However, that does not make you mentally ill. They are both different terms with different symptoms, implications, and treatments.

What is Mental Illness?

Mental disorders or mental illnesses are health conditions that hurt your emotional, social, and personal abilities. There is no specific cause for these illnesses, and could be genetic. In other cases, the illness could be a consequence of an early life experience, chronic diseases, or societal behavior.

These disorders are often characterized by a change in behavior, mood, thought process, or impaired functioning. If left untreated, these disorders can cause disability, pain, or even prove fatal.

Ways to Improve Mental Health

The best way to improve mental health is by maintaining a balanced diet and working out religiously. It does not have to be hard-core strenuous exercising, just enough to get the blood circulating in your body.

Exercise has proven to be beneficial in uplifting the mood, increasing bone and muscle strength, decreasing the risk of cardiac diseases, and improving sleep patterns that improve overall health.

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7 Benefits of Mental Health

There are countless benefits to being mentally healthy. The most essential are mentioned below for your motivation:

Improved quality of life- You are bound to enjoy more wholesome, lively days in the absence of mood swings, depression, anxiety, or panic attacks. You are well-rested, energized, and in a better state of mind to take on the challenges of each day.


Healthy Relationships- Good mental health enables you to work on your relationship, communicate better, and put in the effort to make things work. It enhances your ability to connect with loved ones and show them the love and patience that is needed.


  • Reduced risk of diseases- You are less likely to encounter diseases like cardiac problems, diabetes, ulcer, and colitis. Mental well-being significantly improves immunity and keeps the body in good shape.


  • Increased Self Esteem- You can see your potential and believe in yourself when in a better and healthy state of mind. This is important as it encourages you to take upon challenges and invest in self-care.


  • Provides Resilience- Healthy individuals are better equipped to face stress and crisis scenarios. It is easier for them to bounce back to life rather than live in a state of self-pity. They are also better at adapting to tragic and adverse situations realizing that it is not their fault.


  • Work Productivity- Mental health and work productivity are co-related. Your output will be severely affected if all you input in yourself is negative energy and unworthiness. A good mental state keeps you motivated to give your best shot resulting in great, productive outcomes.


  • Strong Decision Making- When you feel energized and confident about yourself, you are going to make informed, conscious decisions; realizing the potential results or consequences to it. This releases you from guilt and helps you own your decisions and feel in control of your life.


Mental health and well-being are essential for a healthy lifestyle. It helps you feel in control of your life and accept the hardships as part and parcel of being alive. It also inculcates a feeling of gratitude and responsibility towards self and others.

Do take out time for yourself each day and practice meditation or exercise to give yourself a much-needed break from the environmental stress factors.