If you have a creative mind and love to imagine different things, this episode-choose your own story is a perfect game for you. This game has no fixed pattern and will proceed as you select from the different options available to go. It was developed in 2014 to provide freedom of story for people who have creative minds and love to decide the fate of the character on their own. Over the years, people loved to play the game and today it stands with over 2.5 million downloads only on Google Play Store.

There are two main resources that you need to play the game smoothly. One of them is a gem while the other is named as the episode passes. We already informed you about the uses of episode gems and in this article, I will discuss how to get episode free gems throughout the game with default options. These options are suitable for players who have strong ethical bounding and wish to play the game cheat-free. While this is the most ethical way to play the game, you will often have to wait for hours or days before you can proceed towards a new level.

Letting go of the discussion about whether going with the default options is an effective option or not, in this article I will focus on how to get episode free gems with default options. There are several methods to do so. If you complete a level in Episode, you get 1 gem as a free reward. You will gather more gems as you proceed within the game as more levels mean more gems collected. Other methods include watching some ads to get them and other relevant activities. However, there is a major setback to this method as the number of gems that you can collect is limited. In some levels, you will be required to purchase outfits worth 10 gems and this is where all your saving is going to spend.

This was the main reason people looked for some other methods to get the gems. One easy method is to buy them from the game. This method involves you to share your billing information with the app and buy the gems for real money. However, there are many free methods also to get gems including mods and gems generator websites.




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